Technology Training

When making a big system change – perhaps migrating from your existing OS to the latest and greatest, or updating your DMS (document management system), or from an older version of MS Office to the latest or all of them together, your users need training!

Help Desk and Train-the-Trainer Training  – we customize a Train-the-Trainer (T3) or Knowledge Transfer training session to give your first line of defense additional tools to solving user problems.

User Training— Our goal is to provide your users with the tools they need to be the most productive they can be using ‘Best Practice’ approaches.  Courses are customized based on user needs from Beginning to Expert and from attorney to secretary, word processor or staff.  Our on-site or remote classes are engaging, informative and even FUN!

QuickVids – More and more firms want their staff to have access to training wherever they are, any time of day or night.  We develop customized online video clips for your users to access to supplement their training experience.

User Productivity Resources® – We will create an extensive online User Productivity Resources library of Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) and customized videos for easy user access 24/7 using your document management system, shared drives or intranet, for easy user access.

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