PROMPT Consulting has received many accolades for its professional, interactive and dynamic training and user support services.  Our clients are not shy about telling us about their experience with PROMPT.

Here are just a few testimonials:  (These are actual unedited testimonials, however, we maintain client confidentiality online so they are not continually annoyed by sales people.  Please contact Prompt for client references.)

“Francine is an amazing individual! Our first work together was a firm-wide WordPerfect to Word conversion, while simultaneously transitioning from a mainframe to PC environment. She undertook this massive project with a ready smile and a wealth of positive solutions. Her commitment to detail and creating a training experience that encourages, challenges and supports big change continues to be astonishing. She is upbeat, down to earth, and has a clear vision of how to deliver content needed in effective ways. Francine’s communication skills make it easy for her to gracefully interface with all levels of firm culture from administrative management, to IT, to the partners and staff. In addition, Francine surrounds herself with superlative staff. I have an on-going positive relationships with several of her trainers. I highly recommend Francine as a project lead, as a curriculum developer, as a provider of training expertise and as a knowledgeable expert in the field. And she is a joy to work with!”

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Senior Trainer
Major Law Firm with multiple offices in the U.S. and abroad
San Francisco


“Since there are many inquiries regarding quality consultants I want to relate my firm’s recent experience. We just went through a rollout of FileSite 8.5 with Matter Centricity. Our previous DMS was entirely home grown and was vastly different than FileSite in so many ways. We rolled to the entire firm (9 offices) at the same time. The plan was to train the users one week and to roll the next week. Although training was going to be done by the in house training staff, live in our main office and remotely for the other offices, we wanted to provide live floor support in each office. I interviewed several consulting companies including the ones most frequently mentioned here and known to all. When the process was complete I ended up going with Prompt Consulting. Reasons were:
(a) ability to staff all our offices except for Shanghai including a German speaking person in out Frankfurt office;
(b) very competitive pricing;
(c) recommendations from several firms when I posted the question on ILTA;
(d) a great feeling from talking with Francine Millman, the owner on several occasions.

As it turns out we needed more than floor support. The training team was one short and so we hired Francine to train our users alongside the in house team. That also gave her a good sense of what to expect in the way of floor support needs.

To put it in a nutshell, Francine Millman is phenomenal! I have been around for more years than I’ll admit to and I am not that easily impressed. She impressed me. Wildly! Her preparation, her training skills, her people skills, her willingness to go above and beyond what was expected and contracted for were all outstanding. I could not have had a better person in the role. And the team she put together for floor support wowed my users in every office. They knew their stuff and after a train the trainer to go over our customizations, they knew our stuff as well. They asked me great questions, they absorbed the answers and they were able to relay all the correct information to our users.

I don’t know that Prompt teaches every application in a law office but if the need arises for you to call in a consultant to train your users or your trainers I strongly suggest your first call be to Prompt. No, I am not related to her and will not be getting a commission. I just appreciate top quality and think it should get rewarded by having the word spread. Thanks to those of you who recommended Prompt and count me among the more than totally satisfied.”

Training Manager
Kaye Scholer
New York


“I have worked with Francine several times over the last 10 years. I always turn to Francine first when I need additional help on training projects because I know that her trainers will be of top quality and well-prepared. She’s an excellent  collaborator and an extremely well-organized project manager.  I can always count on having the job well done and everyone having fun along the way.  I’ve recommended Francine to friends and colleagues, all of whom have had the same experience.  It’s truly a pleasure working with her and those who represent her company.  Look no further.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Training Manager
30 office law firm
San Francisco


“Francine is very personable, courteous, and detail-oriented in her work. Her ability to document process is outstanding. Even when faced with difficult twists and turns, or asked to step outside her normal comfort zone, she will rise to the occasion and generate a positive and creative outcome.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Major Law Firm
Applications Management
Columbus/Cincinnati, Ohio

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