PROMPT Consulting Project Managers will work with your IT and Training teams to consider all aspects of your upcoming training and support project from pre-training planning to post-training support.

We believe you only get one shot at getting a software deployment and training project right and PROMPT Consulting will collaborate with your teams to ensure its success.

We will partner with your training and IT teams, customizing our multi-step plan, making recommendations that will ensure the best experience for everyone who requires training, including your own Help Desk and training staff through our Knowledge Transfer/Train-the-Trainer (T3) program.

We approach your project as a team member with our only goal to make your project as successful as possible.  We’ve done it hundreds of times with accolades from training managers, partners, IT and users alike.

We have several decades of experience providing successful training and support experiences for thousands of computer users.  See our Testimonials page for stellar reviews and recommendations from just some of our clients.

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